Friday, 31 August 2012

Trend Alert: The Army Camouflage Jacket

 I have to admit I'm in love with this camouflage army jacket trend that's hitting recently, I saw a couple of girls up town wearing one and I fell in love instantly, those earthy colours are pure me! I had a look in Topshop and saw they had a wide selection actually but even still the cheapest one was £48, honestly I knew I could find one for a better price somewhere else. So when I got home I had a look on trusty Google and saw many people rocking them in different way.

It does amaze me though of what things become fashionable, a few years ago my dad brought me a pair of camouflaged trousers for when I used to go fishing with him, ye I used to wear them but I would have never been seen wearing them out with friends or up town or anything like that with them on I would have died with embarrasment

Ive been looking for cheaper versions of these jackets and I've provided some links below, but I think for this maybe you should go and ask family members if they have one or go scouting through your local charity shop you never know what you may find there, then obviously you could DIY it by possibly adding some studs.


  1. I've been loving this trend. Recently saw a zara jacket with the army print and I wanted to buy it so badly! It was super edgy yet cute!

  2. I love the army jackets, need to find one!:)