Monday, 10 September 2012

OOTD: 10/09/12

Another day of collage and another load of homework...great. I'm starting to notice a dramatic change in the weather now, whats happening yesterday it was beautiful so sunny and warm (shame I was working) but today my gosh its just plummeted into depression, well here's today's tune of the day to hopefully liven it up The Coral- Dreaming of You

Friday, 7 September 2012

OOTD 07/09/12

 Hi, yesterday was my first official day of collage ( I was so nervous) and guess what, I've already been given two pieces of homework, errk. Well this is my outfit for collage today its really lovely and sunny today, but the sun is deceiving because its so cold! therefore I've just wrapped up warm but the denim jacket and the flowery design on the tunic hopefully gives it a still summery feel. Hope you all have a lovely day

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

OOTD: 05/09/12

 Hi, today was the collages fresher fair and everyone had to go in to collect there timetable for the next year, and omg there were so many people there, collage is going to be crazy! There were loads of stalls there getting students to sign up to things like the collage council, film club or doing activities such as Police cadets,pretty boring, so i was amazed to see a bull rodeo there, seriously! well anyways like always i hope your all having a great day and for those of you whose starting collage, well good luck :)

Tune of the day-  Shania Twain: Your still the one
 I remember hearing this song all the time on the radio when i was younger, my gosh I love songs that bring back childhood memories and even more songs that I can relate to.

Monday, 3 September 2012

OOTD: 03/09/12

  Hi well this is my outfit today just going over to my boyfriends to watch some grand designs or family guy probably, then later watch him cook me some dinner which I have to pop to Tesco's to get some ingredient for, hope your all having a great day! x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

OOTD: 02/09/12

Hi, well this was my outfit for today just went out to lunch with my Dad and Grandparents, had a lovely lasagnia with lots veggies. Hope you all had a nice weekend! xx

Trend Alert- Peplum's (For Autumn/winter)

This trend is certainly very sophisticated and lady-like by highlighting a woman's beautiful silhouette . Obviously there are two ways to wear this: on top or on bottom. On top this cut is designs to draw attention to the waist and for this Autumn/Winter this means by adding extra details to the waist area ether by adding a belt or choosing designs that purposely draws the eyes into that area (see below).
Hint: when wearing Peplums this winter don't wear hard structured shapes under other garments for obvious reasons (It's going to make you looks very bulky), instead wear Peplum shaped Jackets/ Coast over slims layers but try in materials such as wool or leather to keep you warm.

When wearing Peplums on top keep the bottom half fitted by wearing slims fitting trousers, hip hugging skirts or structured shorts (Probably best with thick tights too), this with create an illusion of an hourglass figure.

When wearing Peplums on your bottom half always pair with a fitted top half especially if your a pear shape to avoid looking frumpy, also you tend to loose the sophisticated shape when you attempt this to.

When wearing Peplums as a dress it has the potential problem of looking frilly and like drapes you see on curtains. A Peplum dress must be fitted, structured ad streamline to your body, if the Peplum is to large or overambitious then it'd going to loose its sophistication and become comical.

Pretty simple rules right, well here's some more Do's and Dont's


  • Style the colours according to the proportion of your body, for example: stick to wearing darker toned peplum's on the top to minimise broad shoulders and large busts and then team it with a lighter shade at the bottom. But on the other hand a dark colour on the bottom with a light peplumed top visually slims the bottom half. Also the same goes for patterned Peplums, they will draw attention to that part on the body so if used on top it will again visually slim the bottom half.
  • When choosing Peplum dresses don't look for ones that visually cut your in two, look for ones with slight drapes or with tapering of fabrics around the waist to give a more streamline appearance


  • Wear ankle straps, the peplum is already breaking the body's long line and wearing with ankle straps with cut it up even more making you look shorter, to elongate the body wear shoes heels that are the same colour as your legs, so if your wearing black tights wear with black high heals.
  • Always dress to your body type, if you have a big bottom then don't wear a Peplum on the bottom half this is only going to make your bottom look bigger and wont be flattering in any way. As well if your arn't in the most toned shape on your bottom half don't worry just invest in body shapers to give you that smooth curve.

 A Bit About the Suggestions Below - Dont Worry Your Can Skip it

Firstly the Ebay Jacket is basically a cheaper version of the ASOS jacket, but the Ebay seller only offers two colours off-white and red and the red isnt the most desirable to me personally, whereas ASOS offers 7 colours and all the colours are very fashionable the coming Winter. The Second link the Topshop Skirt in absolutely in love with its just perfect, a very fashionable Oxblood colours with subtly texture details which give the skirt that something extra without being over the top, it give the sophisticated peplum style a grungy feel. The third link incorporates this seasons tartan trend, I'm not a real big fan of tartan but I think how they have styles it with a simple leather jacket actually goes really well and actually it seems quite achievable to pull if off. The high shine peplum skirt has has to be my favourite partly due to the bargain price tag, I think this is a total must if your a working woman who wants to add that edge to your work attire.Also the New look dress is a must for your too. Now the shiny and camouflage peplum blazers really speak for themselves there not the best looking quality or sophistication wise but if you want to incorporate the shiny or army trend combined with the peplum cheaply then that colour be the cheap price your looking for. The ASOS dress is a fun way to introduce florals into your winter wardrobe whilst also entering winters hottest colour cobalt! And finally the peplum blouse, this is just beautiful, such a casual day-to-day peace that just perfect for layering.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Trend Alert: The Army Camouflage Jacket

 I have to admit I'm in love with this camouflage army jacket trend that's hitting recently, I saw a couple of girls up town wearing one and I fell in love instantly, those earthy colours are pure me! I had a look in Topshop and saw they had a wide selection actually but even still the cheapest one was £48, honestly I knew I could find one for a better price somewhere else. So when I got home I had a look on trusty Google and saw many people rocking them in different way.

It does amaze me though of what things become fashionable, a few years ago my dad brought me a pair of camouflaged trousers for when I used to go fishing with him, ye I used to wear them but I would have never been seen wearing them out with friends or up town or anything like that with them on I would have died with embarrasment

Ive been looking for cheaper versions of these jackets and I've provided some links below, but I think for this maybe you should go and ask family members if they have one or go scouting through your local charity shop you never know what you may find there, then obviously you could DIY it by possibly adding some studs.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Start of Something New


"If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?"
Lord Chesterfield 

This quote is my finial push to starting this blog, I've been a HUGE fan (addict) of fashion, health and lifestyle blogs for a couple of years now and I've finally decided to give it a go ,thanks to a lot of motivating quotes which I've been quite geeky about lately.

A bit about me

  • My Names Nanette
  • I'm 16 years old
  • About to start collage next week (so nervous)
  • 5ft 6inches tall (168cm), 129 pounds with hazel eyes and mouse coloured hair     


What topics will be posted/Why I'm doing this blog

I'm a big fan of health and nutrition and so will be posting advice on living a healthy lifestyle with meal ideas and hopefully helpful tips for you to apply and emulate in your life (I'm aspiring to be a Dietitian). There will also be fashion posts of outfits, since ill be going to collage every day, recent buys and bargain's I've found and also trends tips. As well Ill do posts of events that are happening in my life (I'm going to try new things now I'm going to collage).


So I know that my blog wont take off and become a instant hit with hundreds of views every day, that's not my main aim anyways I want to deliver useful stuff to you so please leave a comment and tell me what you want to see and hear about oh here. I should have added this in the previous part but one of my main reasons for starting this is to have motivation to do things to be active in my free time (as the quote says) so ye please leave a comment, follow my blog and give me some work to do


PS - Just so you know what I look like :)